Reviews for Max Payne

Reviews for Max Payne for Xbox

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Great Start to a Great Franchise (Anonymous)
  May 20, 2013

A trailblazer for all 3D fps games that came after it. This only thing that feels aged are the graphics, although the graphics are surprisingly good for its time.

Makes you think... (Kyle in Vermont)
  June 3, 2012

Many different twists throughout the game...

Good (Mj in New York)
  May 7, 2012

Fast delivery good service

Another old game (Toddd in Michigan)
  April 21, 2012

The character's movements aren't very fluid. The scenery looks like really old 3d games. Many of the props are non-functional.

It just feels like an old game. For old Xbox there are much better 1st player games. But this will do if you have nothing left to play.

Max Payne Xbox (Scott Robinson in Texas)
  March 16, 2012

great shooting game, but not for kids. this was a preowned game complete with case and manual, and very minimal scratching did not effect play at all, thank you, I will definitely be back for more.

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