Reviews for ESPN Football 2005

Reviews for ESPN Football 2005 for Playstation 2

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Best Football Simulation (Jimmy Ellzey in Mississippi)
  September 19, 2019

The best football simulation game of all time. Plays light years better than current Madden.

Great game (True gamer. in California)
  June 11, 2018

Game is really ahead of its time. If you enjoy realistic sports games than this is a must have. Just like Konami’s PES is better than FIFA. This game is better than Madden.

Very Addicting Game (Anonymous in Texas)
  August 29, 2016


Best football game ever engineered (Juugioh in Texas)
  April 8, 2016

Best football game ever engineered

Excellent game (Geigs in Alabama)
  December 31, 2015

One of the best football games. Love POV mode. Highly recommend.

Best Football Game Ever (Taylor Harms in Missouri)
  August 6, 2015

NFL 2k5... The absolute greatest football game ever created. Even in 2015 it bests the latest Madden in so many ways. Everything they did in this game they did right, from in game physics and presentation, to the crib which has SO many things to do. The milestones that you can achieve leave you playing this game for hours upon hours. The franchise is done perfectly! This game completely obliterated what has been considered Maddens best game ever in Madden 05. No wonder EA bought the licensing. One day I dream to play a new ESPN 2k football game.

Great game (Anonymous in Kansas)
  June 5, 2015

This is one of the best Nfl games of all time its a shame only ea can make them now but it has great physics that can rival all the madden games and is just an overall very fun game

One of the best football game ever (Anonymous in Oklahoma)
  February 23, 2015

This game will always be consider one of the best football game.

Old Memories (James Jones in North Carolina)
  October 6, 2014

Game was perfect, Glad I found this for a reasonable price !! Loved it

Best NFL game ever made (Louis Jones in Louisiana)
  October 25, 2012

ESPN NFL 2k5 is the best football i have ever played. The game blows madden out of the water in graphics,controls,gameplay,even commentary.It is very understandable why this particular game scared EA to the point where bought the rights from the nfl.even 8 years later it still could give even the new madden gameplay wise at least. I recommend this game if you are looking to play the best football game of all time.

very VERY! good site and game (Anonymous)
  September 21, 2012

disc are very clean

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