Reviews for Pokemon Gold

Reviews for Pokemon Gold for Gameboy Color

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Great quality (Brandon in Michigan)
  March 2, 2019

Came before expected, very great quality, and no lies. You get what you see. 5 stars

Best Pokemon ever (Anonymous in Iceland)
  April 23, 2017

Good quality , runs with no problem

"Great Classic" (Gary G. in Ontario)
  January 26, 2016

Well, this game was amazing when it first came out able to travel 2 regions (going back to Kanto) to explore and being fight 16 gym leaders. And the day and night cycle was amazing. there were many things did that generation 2 brought (Day and Night cycle, Breeding, Shiny Pokemon, Full Colour and improved plot). The only problem with the game when I bought from JJ games, it doesn't save or nor having replaced battery. But I replaced the battery myself (CR2025) and was good as new once again. Thank you, JJ games I can relive my childhood again from 2000. :)

Great Game! (Maher Musawi in Oman)
  October 24, 2015

Always happy to order from jjgames!

cool (roadhouse in Mississippi)
  May 31, 2014

it is just to much money if they want my money they should make it like i don't $3.00 and it is awsome thank you for your time jjgames.

The Best of Both Worlds!!!!!!!! (Jason in New York)
  June 28, 2013

This game is incredible! Not only does it sport improved sprites and over world layouts, but it has some of the catchiest tunes in the whole Pokémon series. Players also get the chance to travel back to the Kanto region and rebattle old gym leaders. While the DS remakes were good,there's just something about playing the original Gameboy Color version that makes it so much better. With a perfect blend of improvements while keeping the same game mechanics we know and love, I would recommend Pokémon Gold and Silver to anybody!

Really great game (Anonymous)
  August 17, 2012

Amazing game

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