Reviews for Black Nintendo 64 Controller [Generic]

Reviews for Black Nintendo 64 Controller [Generic] for Nintendo 64

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Great value (Jordan in Utah)
  March 20, 2017

Generic brand but I found it to be better quality than Nintendo brand.

New controller (Remah Howell in North Carolina)
  January 7, 2016

I bought 2 of these to use as backup. They are still new and in the package. The used controllers that I am using are still working great. I just feel better with 2 extra controllers around... and new at that, how sweet!

Terrible (Michael Turpyn in Virginia)
  December 10, 2015

Joystick is stiff as a mug and it's not breaking in. Fake little mark at the top to make them look like Nintendo too. Smh. Description should read "Black Controller for Nintendo 64"

New in package (Shannon Cherone in Maryland)
  March 5, 2015

It was just how it was described.

Not very reliable (Stephen in Texas)
  March 5, 2013

Controller stick is stiff and unresponsive. Nearly impossible to play games like Jet Force Gemini or Goldeneye. Works OK for racing games and other games where input doesn't need to be 100% precise. An older Nintendo brand controller with a loose stick will provide better results. However, it is a much better generic controller than anything Yobo puts out.

Not as good as original (Anonymous in Alberta)
  January 28, 2013

It's just a third party controller. Don't expect as good a quality as Nintendo.

. (Anonymous)
  January 14, 2013

That's how some were even back in 96

terrible controller (Anonymous in New Jersey)
  January 5, 2013

Fresh out of the box, the joystick on this controller pulled to the left.

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