Reviews for Black Gamecube Controller [Generic]

Reviews for Black Gamecube Controller [Generic] for Gamecube

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Works just like it should! (Bonnie in Ontario)
  January 27, 2016

So thankful that you provide a place to replace gamecube controllers, because I run through about two a year! Never had a dud, they always works perfectly.

excellent service (Kathryn P in Alabama)
  July 24, 2015

We bought 2 controllers, one didn't work. JJGames exchanged it immediately. Great service. I'd rather shop here than any other game site.

Works great (Brock in Alabama)
  March 13, 2015

Real good quality controller

Get the real deal (Brent in New York)
  January 5, 2015

Doesn't do the job if you are a real gamer. Spend more and get the Nintendo brand.

Great controller at a great price! (Robert R. in Minnesota)
  November 29, 2013

Bought 3 - as good as the OEM controller.

almost as good as original controller (Richard Hardwick in Ohio)
  April 28, 2013

I hardly noticed the difference once I got used to it. At a fraction of the cost of an original controller, it is a good value.

superbeb quality (Jacob Guevremont in Quebec)
  March 7, 2013

very good quality, and reliable

Great Controller (Tom Thomson in Denmark)
  January 28, 2013

Was expecting a somewhat 6/10 decent generic controller, got a 10/10 generic controller instead. Good controller

Really cool (Oscar in Texas)
  January 17, 2013

It looks like the one I had before but better

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