Reviews for Black Dual Shock Controller [Generic]

Reviews for Black Dual Shock Controller [Generic] for Playstation 2

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Better than a wireless (Ray M in Arizona)
  July 23, 2017

I had bought a wireless controller from somewhere else and it would disconnect every so often making my gaming a trip to frustrationland. After getting a wired one from here, wow, huge difference.

Works Great (Justin in Ontario)
  January 4, 2016

I ordered two games and a controller. All of them are in working condition. The controller works smoothly, almost like brand new. My only complaint would be the amount of time it took to ship to my house but i also realize that I ordered it around Christmas time so that may have cause for its delay. Ordered it the end of November and received it beginning of January. Besides that I will definitely deal with JJ again.

Good quality! (sasha in Ontario)
  January 1, 2015

Bought a new ps2 controller for my dad for Christmas. Works amazingly. .delivery was good. Came a few days before Christmas so that worked out awesome. Thank you!

Meh. (Lazar Zec in Ontario)
  October 28, 2014

I bought one of these when I first got my playstation two. The controller worked and everything, but you could just tell it was fake. As soon as I got a Sony brand controller, I dropped the generic one right away. Haven't touched it since. If you need a controller, get this. But if you can afford Sony brand, get that.

review for generic controllers (Anonymous)
  January 5, 2014

Bought two of these one began to stick within two days appears that the return spring in the left analog stick is faulty. haven't used the other one enough yet to find out if it's junk as well.8 bucks and made in china no surprise. On a positive note all the other stuff I got was in good shape and worked as intended haven't opened the Chinese generic Xbox controller I bought yet but based on the generic playstation 2 i'm not expecting much. The cords on these controllers are about half the length of the originals a well.

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