Reviews for Terranigma (English Translation)

Reviews for Terranigma (English Translation) for Super Nintendo

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A Classic (Addison in California)
  July 1, 2017

Love this game, and I'm very glad to have ordered it before the stock ran out. Reasonable price, compared to other classic snes games. I will be ordering more, for my supaboy ;].

Love it (Anonymous in Alberta)
  March 27, 2015

So happy to have found this game. Hours of play time.

Worked once and then the problems started (Jon Buz in Manitoba)
  November 3, 2014

This game is a fricken cool game. Unfortunately the copy I purchased from JJ manifested signs of failing after 1 play. I started playing the game on one of my SNES consoles and when it started to show signs of failing (weird pixelization, faster than normal audio - chipmunks), I switched to my RetroN5. I wanted to milk as much game play as possible out of it before it completely died. I have to admit, it hasn't completely died but the cartridge is ill - I get different symptoms of a dying cartridge every time I fire it up. I love JJ and will continue to do business with them but this was a bad experience that I had to share.

If it means anything - I received a Cartridge Power related error from the Retron5 when it stopped playing the game

Great game, but doesn't work (Bob in Alabama)
  August 11, 2014

I've twice tried purchasing this game from JJGames. Alas, both times, the save feature didn't work. Looks like I'll have to search for a different way to play this classic game.

One of the best Snes games (Sebastien in Alberta)
  August 11, 2014

A hidden gem for those who live in North America. Combining the best elements from Soul Blazer and Illusion of Gaia with better combat mechanics. A fitting end to the unofficial Gaia Trilogy and a must play for any 16 bit fan

Great classic JRPG (Andrew O. in Illinois)
  June 13, 2014

One of my favorites when I was younger and now I am able to own an actual cartridge of it. Only thing that wasn't good was that the battery had to be replaced in it, but that was no problem, just go to a walgreens and pick up a battery for a quick fix

good game,great reproduction (Gabe Reese in Ohio)
  April 22, 2014

A great sequel to soulblazer made available in an english reproduction by JJ games.Gameplay similar to that of Secret of Mana with challenging but beatable AI for all levels.

Difficult to find, worth playing (Brandon in New York)
  January 17, 2014

While growing up, I was a fan of both Soul Blazer and Illusion of Gaia. I was very disappointed that Illusion of Gaia was seemingly the last title in a series with great potential. You can imagine my surprise upon finding out that, almost 20 years later, there actually was a third game in that series which was never released in North America. Terrangima includes features from both games, yet manages to stand out on it's own. The world is huge (for an SNES game) and there are plenty of extras and side quests to be found. Although it is a great game, it does not feel as polished as it could have been. Regardless, this was definitely a worthy addition to my collection.

The cartridge itself was brand new and worked perfectly with my North American NTSC SNES. The game is fully translated into English. There are some errors: misuse of certain words, awkward phrases, and statements that you may need to decipher. For me, these error usually did not diminish my enjoyment of the game, although some of them had me scratching my head at times.

If you enjoy SNES action/adventure/RPG type games, then this definitely is worth checking out.

Best Christmas present ever! (David W in West Virginia)
  January 1, 2014

My wife got a copy of Terranigma from JJ Games to go along with my Super Nintendo. I remember playing this over a decade ago at a friends house on the computer, and have wanted a copy ever since. The game works great and is a lot of fun. It takes the best elements of games like Zelda and Final Fantasy, and then throws its own unique twists in the mix.

As an added bonus, this game came with a reproduction box, which makes it an even better buy considering most repro sites sell the cart alone for this price.

Great experience (Robert Hinton in Oklahoma)
  August 28, 2013

Item exactly as described. Priced well, shipped promptly, no complaints. Would deal with anytime .

very good (larry in Czech Republic)
  August 8, 2013

I had a lot of fun with this game!

Great game! (Ken in Mississippi)
  August 5, 2013

This game is awesome! I had more fun with this game than I have with many "current gen" titles as of late, and if you're a fan of either Soul Blazer or Illusion of Gaia, I seriously suggest playing it, as this is by far the best in the series.

Great Reproduction (Tendo Pain in New Mexico)
  July 16, 2013

Another Game We Americans Missed Out On. A Must Play, It Pushes The SNES To it's Limits In Every Way. Box Art And Quality Are Well Done For The Price.

Great Reproduction (Tendo Pain in New Mexico)
  July 16, 2013

Another Game We Americans Missed Out On. A Must Play, It Pushes The SNES To it's Limits In Every Way. Box Art And Quality Are Well Done For The Price.

Nice, but watch out for dead save batteries (Kevin Ouellet in Quebec)
  July 1, 2013

It doesn't appear that these repro carts come with new or recent backup batteries, because I didn't play for a day and my save file was lost (if I stop playing for a shorter while I am fine, though), which can be annoying considering it's an RPG that takes a while to finish. Other than that the game works like a real one and no need to buy a PAL snes/TV system

Good english repro (Jrod in Newfoundland and Labrador)
  May 30, 2013

was expecting instruction manual as well but unfortunately didn't come with any still a good buy

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