Reviews for Grand Theft Auto V

Reviews for Grand Theft Auto V for Playstation 3

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100% the best game (Osmin Machado in New York)
  August 29, 2019

thank you very much the game came to me in excellent condition thanks for your good prices and for making my son happy

☺ amazing (Tomo)
  August 25, 2019

Perfect game i love so much

Very good (Kyle in Kansas)
  April 28, 2019

Ben playing nonstop online and off. jackboku123 gamertag

Awesome (Brian in Sri Lanka)
  October 18, 2018

This is one awesome game the graphics and gameplay is beyond its time

Not bad (Francesco Sabatino in Italy)
  December 14, 2017

Long game, good story.

Love it!! (Faiz in Alabama)
  July 2, 2016

got a great game for very little money and i am very happy!

Love it (Misty Crowell in Indiana)
  March 31, 2016

Thank you love the game

Good game (Chad in New Mexico)
  March 18, 2016

The game came in the mail sooner than I expected. It played fine no problems at all.

Great Quality (Hope in Alabama)
  January 26, 2016

Very good quality to have been a used game.

Endless fun (Patrick Gestner in Wisconsin)
  December 28, 2015

I've played GTA games since Vice City, and now I see this. WOW. Way improved driving control, and graphics are purely amazing. To just drive around or fly and see the sights is one of the best parts of this game.

Very cool (Anonymous)
  November 12, 2015

Love the flight sim capability! Of course driving is fun too.

The game was good (Jay Jay in Georgia)
  October 22, 2015

The game was great the case was cracked and some fingerprint was on it but for $18 and some cents is was the best gamer ever. It works perfectly and I had it for month are 2 now it's amazing!!!

Best video game (John M in Florida)
  August 17, 2015

Game CD Works great; enjoying the story line/journey.

Best game (lynn patterson in Georgia)
  June 13, 2015

It was a excellent

still the second best "GTA" (SAN ANDREAS) (Ron in Texas)
  June 4, 2015

As always, my product arrived two days earlier than expected B-) The game was in perfect condition also.....JJ Games ROCK!!!!

Best game for mature audien (Bunnarith in Georgia)
  March 12, 2015

Bought the game, thought it came with cover. Only came with gta5 dick, but it o.k for that price. Deliver on time. My son love the game.

was in great condition to be used (tim in Virginia)
  March 12, 2015

Very great game for cheap price

One of the Best Games EVER!!! (Corey in Iowa)
  January 27, 2015

If you need convencing to buy this awesome game at this low price you are already losing. BUY IT FROM JJGAMES!

Best game for ps3 (Andy in Wisconsin)
  January 24, 2015

Got a bunch of new games and gta 5 online is so good i have not been able to get my self to even try the others. This game is so sweet. It's not just about killing it also is a racing game all in one.

grand theft auto v (isaac in Georgia)
  January 24, 2015

why does the games cost almost 29 dollars when at walmart you can buy it brand new for 29.95

great (nellie malone in Florida)
  January 18, 2015

it is a great game.

AWSOME (Francisco in Nevada)
  January 15, 2015

the shipping was fast great game(: I really loved it

Great Game! (Matthew Powell in Georgia)
  December 19, 2014

The game met every expectation that was expected.

Fun for older children (sheri davis in Tennessee)
  December 18, 2014

My kids love this game.Shipment was quick and game was used but in excellent condition. Thanks.

awesome (david in Australia)
  October 25, 2014

Very Good did take a while to get here but only because of me being in australia

Good game (Ortega Jr in California)
  October 17, 2014

Game took forever to arrive took 2 Weeks and half.. Game works perfect but shipment speed sucks

best of the GTA series in my opinion (Charles in Arizona)
  August 21, 2014

Not only was the game in perfect condition, Jjgames told me it would be shipped in a week, I got it in 3 days. I will definitely use this site for the future.

really good game (jay miller)
  July 9, 2014

I like the multiplayer (gta online) and the story was rushed but greeat

Great GTA5 Game! (Marck Torres in California)
  April 7, 2014

Wow! The game is intact being a used GTA5 game it looks amazingly new. I bought it for a really cheap price compared to gamestop or other stores out there. The delivery was amazingly fassssst!!! It only took 3 business days to get here in (California) I am happy :) thx!

Good Quality game (Sheldon in United States)
  February 17, 2014

great game and everything was intact and perfect

Good Quality game (Sheldon in Alabama)
  February 17, 2014

great game and everything was intact and perfect

"Grand" Is Right! (Anonymous in Louisiana)
  February 7, 2014

If you are familiar with the Grand Theft Auto series, you will know kind of what to expect from this. Huge open world, good crime story with three different endings, three playable characters each with their own special ability and dialogue, lots of weapon choices, fun things to do during or after the story (parachuting, shooting range, racing, and going to the movies just to name a few), often funny and bizarre "Strangers and Freaks" side missions, and all kinds of vehicles to drive around the huge open world. Only negative thing I would say is that the story does not feel like you progress like you have in the past games. Otherwise, it is definitely one of the best.

amazing (Elior in Israel)
  December 26, 2013

Thank you for the amazing delivery speed and the great consumer service!

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