Reviews for Grand Theft Auto V

Reviews for Grand Theft Auto V for Xbox 360

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Grand Theft Auto V (Jose in Indiana)
  September 21, 2019

Used disc but no scratches, will buy more games from this website

Great game (Matt in Illinois)
  February 14, 2019

Everything from jjgames is always great....and free shipping

Best Price for a Great Game. (Laura in New York)
  December 7, 2018

This game is in excellent condition for previously owned & at a great price.

My son loves the game (Liza tyler in Wisconsin)
  April 12, 2018

My son loves the games, he is saving money to buy more games at great price!

Love This Game (Demetrice Walls in Alabama)
  July 24, 2016

The graphics are so real. Makes you want to stay in your seat and keep playing the game. I love playing this game. The cars in this game, makes you not want to damage a car cause the car looks so raw/nice. Their are lots of raw/nice cars in this game. I really thank Rockstar for making this game. And thanks for delivering my game JJGames.

Love The Game (Demetrice Walls in Alabama)
  May 27, 2016

This game is so nice. I love playing it. They have really nice vehicles on here, nice houses, nice mansions, and more. 😁

played it so cool (hi in Florida)
  April 21, 2016

It only gave me 1 disc but eh? what the poo!

Excelente (Anonymous)
  January 28, 2016

buen servicio juego casi nuevo nada de rayones en el cd

Great game! (Mikaela)
  January 1, 2016

Everything worked fantastically. I will definitely buy from jjgames again!

Great game (Sheena Jackson in Georgia)
  December 29, 2015

I plan to by from this site first from now on...

awesome game (john in Alabama)
  December 11, 2015

I love the gta series and this is the best one so far. Love playing online and story mode.

Love It! (Brandy in Maryland)
  November 30, 2015

Play It As Often As I Can!

Cant wait (DEATH TO YOU715 in North Carolina)
  November 29, 2015

I'm buying this game very soon but I've played it before and it is the best open world game I have ever played

best game ever (Amila Perera in Sri Lanka)
  November 28, 2015

great game

good (does it matter? you dont know me. in California)
  November 27, 2015

good game, good price, good quality.

Awesome Game (E. Myers in Texas)
  November 6, 2015

Love this game. Love JJgames!

It hasn't come out of the x-box yet, love it! (Remah in North Carolina)
  October 5, 2015

This game is played daily. (just needed the cheat codes, ha ha) JJgames is awesome! Everything is always in great shape.

game good, but disc cracked (jonathan in Oregon)
  September 26, 2015


Great game (John C in Alabama)
  May 7, 2015

Game came in excellent shape and also got here within a few days. Definite will order from you again

Amazing game! (Iris in Virginia)
  March 15, 2015

OMG! This game is amazing. It came brand new like. No straches, nothing. Plays great.... The games came on time. Easy install.

Lightly scratched disc (Charles in Georgia)
  February 18, 2015

Disc 2 had the groove from previous owner sitting 360 on edge, after a good polish/buffing worked great

love them (l boyce in Tennessee)
  February 8, 2015

Comes fast .

great game (jason in Alabama)
  December 21, 2014

Great purchase. Does not come with instruction booklet or map.

Best game (Christia Rojas in California)
  December 6, 2014

I got gta in 6 days and it was great. Works perfectly fine

Get this game! (Johnny in Texas)
  November 5, 2014

Absolutely thee best GTA. Upset that the new gen versions will have First Person mode and these versions will not, but despite the fact it's an amazing game. If you like GTA and were thinking of getting this, definitely do!

Thanks! (Alexander B. in United States)
  August 24, 2014

Good Quality Games! Cheap Price!

Thanks! (Alexander B. in Alabama)
  August 24, 2014

Good Quality Games! Cheap Price!

Good (Pedro Moreno in California)
  May 15, 2014

It's fun

One of the best games ever (Garret in British Columbia)
  October 7, 2013

Lots to do and see. Play as three Interesting and diverse characters that can be changed on the fly. Plan out the perfect hiest and get dat $.

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