Reviews for Metroid Prime 2 Echoes

Reviews for Metroid Prime 2 Echoes for Gamecube

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Best game ever made (Nuno Filipe monteiro da Silva ferreira in Portugal)
  August 6, 2015

game in very good condition .... flawless

loving it (David in Quebec)
  August 13, 2014

The game was amazing, this series does not dissapoint.

Pretty Good! (Ian Smith in Illinois)
  August 8, 2014

I ordered this Game to relive the experience of playing it. I selected an option to have the game case and the instruction booklets because I like to have everything as if I had boughten it myself all those years ago. It came with the case, booklets, and not a scratch on the disk. It was as if someone had unwrapped the factory plastic and shipped it to me. However, the shipping service made me a little uneasy. They ship from Colorado via USPS and USPS is...well...very sketchy. They don't really give you a whole lot of tracking information like UPS does and for a while, I was doubtful my package had actually shipped, but sure enough, my prize arrived. The order said it was supposed to arrive in about a week, but it arrived a couple days past a week. That really is the only thing I'm disappointed in. Other than that, I received the game in almost mint condition. Very nice work JJGames, but use a different shipping service please.

Amazing game (jack in Ontario)
  May 1, 2014

The campaign was very enjoyable and the Metroid Prime series continue to show that Nintendo exclusives are worth it.

Great (Dustin in Indiana)
  August 22, 2013

Game came in great condition, plays like a charm, and had no visible scratches or detractions as promised. The game itself is good ol' Metroid goodness. Worth the $20 or so. I would buy from here again.

A beautiful addition to the first game (Charles Moore in Virginia)
  May 1, 2013

It is hard to find this game anywhere. Thankfully JJgames had a great price for it. The game disc is in great condition. The gameplay is both hard and creative, and also has a huge storyline of the dark and light levels. Definitely worth the 20 dollars I had to buy it. Can't wait to buy the last game of the trilogy.

Amazing (GB in Texas)
  February 15, 2013

Great graphics, gameplay, and music. Really fun puzzles and combat. Awesome game.

Excellent condition (Tom in Virginia)
  July 30, 2012

Received the game in its original packaging and even included the advert flyers and the instruction manual, and it was all in excellent condition. And the disc itself had zero scratches or imperfections on it.

another great game (anthony govoni in Massachusetts)
  June 1, 2012

it is worth the effort to find and play again

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