Reviews for Earthbound Uncut (English Translation)

Reviews for Earthbound Uncut (English Translation) for Super Nintendo

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A Must Play RPG (Felix in Connecticut)
  October 2, 2016

I want to first say that this is an excellent reproduction cart. It plays just like the real thing and the save battery works perfect. As for the game itself there's not much to say about it that hasn't already been said. I'm going to keep it short and sweet. Earthbound is a must play game. The characters are so well developed that you'll have no choice but to fall in love with them and the games story. Everything from the beautiful art design to the amazing music is pure gold. Seriously do yourself a favor and buy this game. It's a game experience that will stick with you for the rest of your life.

a legend in its own right (Michael Lamb in Texas)
  June 11, 2015

This version of earthbound gives u everything they had in the japanese version and had all translation in english if u want to play a game with a memorable cast of characters and wacky enemies. This game is considered a legend,but this version is even better than the rarest copy out there.

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