Reviews for Gran Turismo 4

Reviews for Gran Turismo 4 for Playstation 2

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Good Quality (Angel Rodriguez Cortes in Puerto Rico)
  June 1, 2019

Good Quality and shipping fast

Best racing game (Aleksi in Finland)
  May 21, 2018

Highest graphics, good overall playing mechanics, cheap price = excellent purchase!

GT4 (me in Washington)
  March 8, 2018

great game in good shape.

Nostalgia (Ray M in Arizona)
  July 23, 2017

This game brings back so many memories. Am glad that I was able to find a copy that came with the original box and instructions. Game is in great shape, no scratches or anything

Great racing sim (Shawn in Alabama)
  September 19, 2016

I spent way too many hours playing this when it came out 11 years ago. I finally have a PS2 that works now and I'm starting to rack up the hours again. :) Lots of fun.

AWESOME GAME! (Debi in United States)
  August 7, 2016

I have been playing this game a long time - My first one got scratched so had to replace it -- I am so happy I was able to find it -- thank you for carrying it and the quick service in delivery.

GREAT GAME GREAT SITE (Mauricio Boulogne in El Salvador)
  January 23, 2016

Oh my god! I wait YEARS so I can play this. The game is in amazing condition. The time for delivery is just good. You are de SALVATION for international gamers.

Excellent game, when it decides to spin (ca in Georgia)
  November 5, 2015

need new one.

Same old same old (Gordon in Indiana)
  July 18, 2015

Has there ever been a bad game in the GT series?????

good game (Fernando Salazar in California)
  April 17, 2015

I like that the game had hd capacity for its day, but it's not to amazig, but yet good enough, the game has a lot to play, many cars many tracks, just like GT1, the game continues the same ideology.

Nice Game! Great condition (Dinky in Texas)
  February 3, 2015

This game is the definitive version of GT in my opinion. The game had gotten insanely bloated in GT2, but this version went back to "basics" without losing an extensive amount of content. It's just a much better game. Thanks to JJ Games for a spot-on product description as well. Great price, great condition. And a great game!

Great game (Eric in Virginia)
  January 12, 2015

I love Gran Turismo 4. Its just a fun game even though the License Tests are a headache. The game arrived it better than expected condition. The case, book, and disc are literally in perfect condition, like if it was never played. And the game arrived 3 to 4 days earlier than expected. JJGAMES are awesome and they deserve 20 stars.

exellent!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (jhon gamboa in Colombia)
  September 29, 2014

the best deal jjgames the best

gt4 review (Anonymous in Ohio)
  July 27, 2013


Best driving sumulation game ever played! (Lori McCoy in Arizona)
  November 13, 2012

Everyone in our home loves to play Grand Turismo 4. Whether we play by ourselves or a two player battle, we have FUN. Graphic's are good and the cars.........well in these games we can drive in cars that we can't afford in real life so driving them on this game is great fun.

It was an OK game possibly funnier for kids than it was for me (Roy)
  November 5, 2012

I played gran turismo 2 or 3 about ten to twelve years ago. I guess I was into these games then but not now. It could be I haven't played in so long and it's kicking my backside ( ha ha). I still want to play gran turismo 5 but I need a ps3 for that one. Other people might like this game but I don't care for it. I give a high score for their fast shipping and customer feedback. I will give this game a medium score because I couldn't get into it.

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