Reviews for Logitech Wireless Black Controller

Reviews for Logitech Wireless Black Controller for Xbox

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best controller! (Jae in Georgia)
  May 24, 2015

I got 2 already, plans to get 2 more. The best controller for Xbox! The PS2 model is also geeat!

very good controller (brian in Georgia)
  November 16, 2012

this is my second one and it works like a dream thanks jj.

the best controller for the xbox (brian in Georgia)
  July 14, 2012

love this controller

Great controller (Jay B in Alabama)
  April 4, 2012

I bought two of these Logitech wireless black controllers a week ago from I purchased the highest & lowest price controllers as it saved me more than buying two of the medium priced ones. The higher priced one arrived in flawless condition, almost as if the pad had been used a few times and then forgotten about. The cheaper of the two has a few minor knicks in the surface, but this is not a problem for me. This one has that great "worn-in" feel. The analog sticks are still perfectly tensioned (no drift). The controllers both perform extremely well and they have plenty of range. The controller honestly feels better in my hands in all aspects compared to the Microsoft Xbox Controller S, the analog sticks just work better, the handles are more ergonomic, the buttons have an amazing feel to them, the white and black buttons are much easier to press (it's possible to hold a white/black button with the bottom of your thumb and press any of the other face buttons), and the d-pad puts me in mind of my heavily worn-in sega genesis 6 button pad. Not everyone will like the some what loose feeling d-pad, but to me it's a godsend. The triggers don't have as much travel to them as the standard controllers, but there is plenty of room there for finely controlling your gas pedal in racing games. Overall I am very pleased with my purchase, not so pleased with USPS, but that's neither here nor there.

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