Reviews for Forza Motorsport

Reviews for Forza Motorsport for Xbox

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Great racing game (Jim in Michigan)
  July 7, 2017

Grate racing game and price from JJGames

SUPER AWESOME (Marquise Gantt in South Carolina)
  January 23, 2016

Probably the best racing game I have ever played

My grandson loves this game (Anonymous)
  September 18, 2015

My grandson asked for this game since he loves racing! Since I have the original X-Box, I was thrilled to find a copy that we could use.

Greatest racing series of all time (Juan Rivera in New Jersey)
  July 6, 2015

Who this game first came out this Blew GranTurismo out of the water

Great Racing Simulator Game (Anonymous in Maryland)
  March 22, 2013

Having had some actual race car experience on real tracks, I can unequivocally say that Forza Motorsport is as close to a real driving experience one can get from a video game. If you like a fun, yet challenging racing game, get Forza and for prices you get at JJ Games, you can't go wrong. I strongly recommend using a racing wheel to get the full effect of this game.

Great racing considering it is the original version of the Forza series. (Anonymous)
  February 21, 2013

The game is great fun, usiing it on Xbox 360 eliminates any online interaction. But, I was looking for this for a few months and it did not dissapoint

My son loves this game! (E. Wagner)
  January 21, 2013

I also bought him Sega GT 2002. My son loves Forza many times more than Sega GT.

fun game (ERIC P in Nevada)
  July 5, 2012


old school fun (Norman Jones in Illinois)
  April 24, 2012

i decided to go back and play original forza and had a blast!

nice (ray in Florida)
  February 24, 2012

good game for a rainy day

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