Reviews for Final Fantasy I & II Dawn of Souls

Reviews for Final Fantasy I & II Dawn of Souls for Gameboy Advanced

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Great (Daniel Hoctor in Massachusetts)
  October 21, 2019

Arrived in great condition and plays perfectly well.

Collection (Aaron Wong in Malaysia)
  September 20, 2018

Mostly for collection to complete the Final Fantasy Advance series

the final fantasy saga begins! (sagi frenkel in Dominican Republic)
  July 9, 2012

maybe i am not one of the hardcore ff fans but i do like ff 7-9. after getting used to the 3d graphic sounds and fx i decided i want to go to the beginning of the game with ff1-2. and let me tell you this...there's a real good reason why final fantasy is final fantasy. really great old school rpg. jjgames is the only place you can find this games in such a great price and to be sure it will work

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