Reviews for Metroid NES Series

Reviews for Metroid NES Series for Gameboy Advanced

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Classic NES Game, BEST Game made for the NES (C. Buehner in Florida)
  September 18, 2018

Classic Original 'METROID', first released for the NES, now for the GBA. The BEST game ever made for the original NES comes to the GBA. When it comes to 8-Bit games for the NES, it never got better than METROID. Marios Games are Great BUT for adventure, exploring and accomplishing tasks to get more powers and abilities and level off against more and more powerful adversaries, METROID was the one! I'd give this more than just 5 STARS but that the limit, so I rate it 5 out of 5 STARS!!! If you're a gamer but not familiar with the old school games, This is the one to tackle!

Good game (Juan Marquez in California)
  October 7, 2013

Love it

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