Reviews for Perfect Dark

Reviews for Perfect Dark for Nintendo 64

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Excellent (Martin in Chile)
  March 13, 2019

Great condition and good price

Perfect Game (CHEAPTRIX in Ontario)
  January 28, 2018

One of the best N64 games ever made. Features some of the best visuals & audio you can find on the N64. A mature sciFi title with aliens, futuristic themes & shooting mechanics improved over Goldeneye. Blood, cursing and a badass British voice cast. 10/10. Its a rare game, what else can you expect?

Pretty Good (Kyle in New Brunswick)
  July 9, 2016

Super fun action game. A must have for the N64.

Amazing!!! (Zach in Ontario)
  February 4, 2015

I've played this game as a child when my brothers used to own it and now I have my own N64 and couldn't find it at such a good deal. This website is now always the first place I go to when looking for games :)

Great (Sandra in Ontario)
  August 30, 2014

Game came right to my mailbox and I was surprised in how good condition it was. Also paid an excellent price for such a hard to find game, plus it had free shipping which was great.

Worked as described (Curtis McCullough in Alabama)
  October 31, 2013

Plays like new !

Great Game That Rivals Goldeneye (Anonymous in Oklahoma)
  September 3, 2013

RareWare brings you, "Perfect Dark", another fantastic game that rivals one of their best games, "Goldeneye". Not only does "Perfect Dark" have a captivating story line, but also an awesome multiplayer mode that will keep you and your friends entertained for hours. My order was delivered on time and I was very pleased with the overall transaction.

good (mike in Alabama)
  January 17, 2013

game is good but dont forget to get a memory card

Just One Word: Perfect (Gbedbdsg in Ohio)
  August 31, 2012

This is the best shooter game EVER!!!!!! Totaly reccemended for all

Best (Alien in Florida)
  April 4, 2012

This is basically Goldeneye2. It uses the same engine but has an all new original story that includes everything in Goldeneye and more. This includes much more detailed levels, better character models, textures, enemy AI, multiplayer options, bots, and more. Requires the expansion pack but is completely worth it since it makes good use of it. The creators of Goldeneye basically made a good thing better.

This game also makes use of primary and secondary modes of weapons, giving players a lot more combat options.

Single player has a good story and an awesome ending. Multiplayer has a lot more options than goldeneye, including bots which can be set for a range of appearance and behaviors besides just their difficulty. Multiplayer also allows players to customize each weapon and spawn location. The bots are one of the coolest features and really extend the replay value.

It's just a lot of fun, if you liked Goldeneye then you will also like Perfect Dark.

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