Reviews for Namco Museum Volume 3

Reviews for Namco Museum Volume 3 for Playstation

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A great game all around (Joe Pecore in Indiana)
  November 5, 2016

The music and mix of games made this exceptionally great.

Great many games in one (ms4barrell in North Carolina)
  October 13, 2013

I Love the Namco Museum Volume 1, So since I haven't played with the game system in some time, Though I would catch up, And Buy the Namco Vol 3. Plus many more games from this awesome game site. Heck with the great prices I will have to Buy another Book to put all the games in. And YES I will be back for many great games JJGames has, Remember Every one Christmas in around the corner so buy as many as you want And some!

GREAT CLASSICS! (Steve - from the 70's in California)
  July 21, 2013

Being a child of the early 80's I remember these great games, it's nice to find a collection that works on a more modern system, Although with a little dusting and some determination up in the attic, my original systems would fire up and it would be 1983 all day! GAME on!

Great Classic Arcade Collection (Steve - made in the 70's in California)
  July 21, 2013

As I get older I love looking back into my childhood and playing these games from before the Internet days are "RAD" maybe "AWESOME" even "GNARLY"!

love the games ( in California)
  January 16, 2013

love the old school games

Awesome price (Marcio in Alabama)
  March 16, 2012


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