Reviews for Platinum Gamecube System

Reviews for Platinum Gamecube System for Gamecube

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Best System Ever (Jeremiah Z Francis in Florida)
  June 2, 2019

I love my GameCube system

Great condition! Gamecube console! (Giovanni in Texas)
  September 12, 2018

I ordered a platinum Gamecube console with the Pokemon Dx cover on it for about $50. It came in great conditions and it included everything that it had in the description. YOU WILL GET WHAT YOU SEE IN THE IMAGES OF THE PRODUCT. I looked for an image with a original gamecube controller and I sure got it. The console came with the outlet plug, tv plugs, and controller. The shipping was very fast (about a week and free shipping) and the packaging was filled with bubble wrap to prevent any damage which I appreciate! The console said it had minor scratches and it did, but cmon its an old console and it was almost in perfect condition! It was a little dusty but the console worked perfectly and played all my gamecube games. Theres many negative reviews about jjgames but they were so good with customer service I swear they must be fake. I'm definitely going to be buying from this site again for retro games and consoles because they have great prices! Thanks again!

What I expected (Danelle Matthews in Texas)
  August 17, 2018

I bought this for my brother and he loves it. It shipped really quickly, earlier than the estimated date.

GameCube (Christene Ingram in Alabama)
  January 16, 2018

As described, in very good condition! My son was surprised and very happy.

Good quality (John in Texas)
  October 27, 2017

Good quality for what I paid for

Good (Anonymous)
  June 2, 2016

Does it come with cable

Great Console (Anthony in Ohio)
  July 13, 2015

The gamecube i received was missing one of the port covers on the bottom, but other than that was in great shape. The controller they gave me though, was the dirtiest controller i have ever seen, and i have been to tons of garage sales lol.

Super Kool (Liana Alvarado in California)
  June 18, 2015

the game works perfect

Vintage but working (Zander in Alabama)
  April 30, 2015

The console works perfectly and the games run fluently. I did find blemishes and paint missing in sections of it (not to many) but it was in great shape!

Great (Timoot in India)
  January 29, 2015

favorite console to date

Stellar Console (Pierce in California)
  July 6, 2014

Everyone should experience the phenomenal console that is the GameCube. The titles and are great, especially the exclusives. Super Smash Brothers Melee is easily the best title.

Gamecube (Kevin Timm)
  March 23, 2014

Works great sometimes it wont turn on if you press the power button to fast overall im satisfied with my purchase

Nice looking (Andy in Wisconsin)
  November 8, 2013

In my opinion this is the best color game cube.

great condition (linda)
  October 27, 2013

great system very well refirbished

Excellent Game! (Lin in Florida)
  October 4, 2013

This is the best investment I've made in years. The Gamecube System has been working like a charm - actually - this system works better than my original system I bought when Gamecube first came out, as well as the controller. Needless to say, I am very happy with my purchase.

Yay (gdehdeue in Ohio)
  May 26, 2013

Good System

fun (Anonymous in Texas)
  February 21, 2013


Almost like new condition. (Pat Sieloff in Tennessee)
  January 24, 2013

Granddaughter was very happy with it.

Good system but one dissapointment (Justin Arnold in Pennsylvania)
  January 6, 2013

This is an amazing system.... the only reason i gave it 3 stars is because it didnt work when it came. i was able to fix it myself and now it runs great.

Was well worth the Price paid. (Ken Bender in Pennsylvania)
  January 5, 2013

Was well worth the price paid. I have had no problems with this system and am glad to have found your website.

so fun (s. g. in Alberta)
  October 23, 2012

this system is great and so much fun

very good (Alex M in California)
  February 25, 2012

the gamecube did not last long on the market, but I must say is one of the best consoles.

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