Reviews for Pokemon Puzzle League

Reviews for Pokemon Puzzle League for Nintendo 64

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Awesome game (Shelby Jordal in New York)
  May 4, 2019

Love this game!! Really fun!!

Good Puzzle Game (Vlad in Russia)
  April 11, 2016

Instead of just using Pokenom franchise to make better sales fo midiocre game, PPL represents really good puzzle action.

Very Fun and Addicting (Nicholas Fernandez in Alabama)
  August 9, 2015

Very fun game, not just mindless playing but actually requires practice and skill. Challenging campaign, head to head can entertain for a long time. Replay value is high, 10/10 would recommend!

Very addictive (Alex Bruno in Texas)
  June 5, 2015

As far as puzzle games go, this one had always been my favorite. Made just like tetris attack, but with a pokemon twist to make it more fun and exciting.

Great game (Matt in Alberta)
  April 10, 2013

Would recommend to those who enjoy Pokemon and puzzles. Haha

Fun and Challenging (Renee Berdusco in Ontario)
  November 22, 2012

Hours of fun and challenging. I really enjoy this game and recomend it for all ages.

Awesome puzzle game (Anonymous)
  April 6, 2012

This game is a repackage of Yoshi's tetris attacks, which was a repackageing of Japan's panel de pon puzzle league. The difference is that Pokemon puzzle league is the BEST version of puzzle league because it has a 3D mode. GOD I LOVE THIS GAME

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