Reviews for Need for Speed 3 Hot Pursuit

Reviews for Need for Speed 3 Hot Pursuit for Playstation

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THE BEST RACING GAME OF ALL TIME ! (Carla Mann in Kentucky)
  February 5, 2016

In my opinion , the best racing game of all time . Hands down . The cars are great , the El Nino goes up to 222 mph . The scenery is beautiful & realistic . You can drive durning the day , durning the night and even when it's raining with lightening in the sky . The sound effects are great not only for the cars but you can also hear birds chirping , a church bell tolling and even coyotes howling on different tracks . If you haven't played this game you're missing out .

Great graphics for PS1 (Tim Meakin in Michigan)
  January 18, 2015

Beautiful, active world that you race through. At times, you'll find yourself driving around just to explore the environment. Use "spoilt" as your username in order to get all the tracks.

like the game (mario picard in Quebec)
  July 28, 2014

the game is verry good thank you

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