Reviews for Banjo-Kazooie

Reviews for Banjo-Kazooie for Nintendo 64

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Takes you back (John altman in Wisconsin)
  December 10, 2017

They truly don't make games like this anymore. I had zero problems with start up and I am still playing it. All these games these days do not take 30% of the skill this one does. A real challenge for anyone!

Great time for all (Lisa in Montana)
  October 3, 2016

I have always loved this game and just started playing again. It's kind of fun learning it all over again. It's fun for kids as well as adults!

  October 3, 2014


Amazing. (Aeryn in Oregon)
  August 29, 2014

There was some adhesive on the game and some gunk on the inside but a quick scrub with a cotton swab and it works perfectly. I definitely plan on getting more games here!

Fun! (Andrew in Ontario)
  June 3, 2013

One of the best N64 games out there!

Excellent game, fun and challenging (Alex in Ohio)
  December 23, 2012

This game is one of the best things I've ever played. Everything about it is fantastic, the controls are fluid and ingenious, the music that changes tone from place to place while still keeping the same basic tune is absolutely brilliant, the graphics are very appealing, and this game is overall, very excellent.

Great game! (Angelo in Ontario)
  November 16, 2012

Probably one of the best games of it's time. The controls are simple and gameplay is great, Easy to get addicted!

Fun (Kool in West Virginia)
  September 20, 2012

Awesome game and got here quick

Fun,Works Great Price (N64 Lover in North Carolina)
  August 7, 2012

I got banjo kazooie and banjo tooie they both work and play great,I love them and i WILL be buying from jjgames again. when they say it works it works

"a classic" (Connor Smith in Virginia)
  May 13, 2012

Banjo-Kazooie is a fun game, I never got to play it much as a kid But when I went to a friends house I remember playing it a little and thinking how fun it is. This a Rare 64 era game so I am not worried about quality as Rare was a kingpin in the N64 era.

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