Reviews for Pokemon Stadium

Reviews for Pokemon Stadium for Nintendo 64

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brings back memories (erick in Indiana)
  April 1, 2018

I love this game

Favorite game for the system (Matthew in Texas)
  March 18, 2018

Great to play pokemon on the big screen.

Fun mini games!! (Colleen in Wisconsin)
  February 15, 2018


great (may in Florida)
  August 18, 2017

bought this one for my grandsons birthday. he loves these games. he is off to college. he picked this one.

Great for Pokemon Fans (Jeff in Alabama)
  July 30, 2017

Super fun game. I like how I can use the in game emulator to play the original Pokemon Gameboy games. It's really a 2-in-1 since it allows me to relive my childhood.

If you like Pokemon and battling with your friends get this game.

Great game for kids and pokemon enthusiast (Carlos Flores in Georgia)
  April 10, 2017

Great quality works perfect and got it for a great price. Great purchase brought back some old memories and fun times with pokemon battles.

Great Game (Donovan in California)
  February 9, 2017

I love the simplicity. Though some might consider it outdated. The simplicity just keeps it relaxing and enjoyable as the memories flow back. The mini-games are harder than I remembered though! Love the challenge

Best game (John Torres in Massachusetts)
  January 14, 2017

The game works and everything it was a very good choice and I'm happy with it

Best game ever (Melissa in California)
  January 5, 2017

Game came in perfect working condition and it brings me back to my childhood! I love this game! Great for kids and adults! :)

Great game and condition (Jennifer in Alberta)
  June 11, 2016

Excellent condition!

Pokemon Standium (XxdarkwarxX in Tennessee)
  May 6, 2016

its a great game that lets you pick your favorite Pokemon and battle them, you can load your gameboy data and play it on the n64 so you got wide screen. and has great mini games to play. and being up to 4 players its can being a single player fun game or a family fun game. :)

Classic (Timmy Thomas in Ohio)
  March 30, 2015

Really great condition works fine with no issues, no cosmetic issues overall i am glad i found this classic at a cheap price for the value it was in and the speed of delivery

The Memories (Brandon in Illinois)
  December 29, 2014

Loved this game ever since it came out years ago, waited for a sale, and got it cheap and JJGames.

Great game (Jeremy Carrigan in Manitoba)
  September 9, 2013

Pokemon stadium is a very enjoyable game.

Great for the price (Anonymous)
  January 26, 2013

My son was pleased with the game for his recently purchased N64.

Great for the price (Anonymous)
  January 26, 2013

My son was pleased with the game for his recently purchased N64.

Pokemon Stadium still out shines Call of Duty! (GameGamePlatter in Australia)
  January 23, 2013

Epicness in a box!!

Timeless Classic (Eric in Ontario)
  June 16, 2012

Pokemon has ALWAYS been a favourite series of mine. It was the beginning of an amazing anime era for kids in the 90's. I am forever a classic Pokemon fan and this game just makes it easier for me to realize how much I missed my childhood. Plus being able to connect the classic Red/Blue/Yellow cartridges to it means even more fun to be had by me and the person I bought to play it with. She and I love Pokemon and will be playing this game especially for years I hope. Thank you for making gaming from the past possible.

Like New (Alexis Wolff in Washington)
  March 13, 2012

The game plays just like it was brand new

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