Reviews for Pokemon Yellow

Reviews for Pokemon Yellow for Gameboy Color

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Love it (Anonymous)
  August 24, 2017

Childhood fav.

Master of Pokémon!! (Hunter in Texas)
  April 30, 2013

It's the best Rpg ever! It's Best using a GameBoyAdvanced SP!

relive the good ol days (dylan mangano in Alabama)
  December 7, 2012

pokemon is awesome but...if you read their review it says you need 6 badges and have to beat 6 gym leaders.. smh its 8..but the game is a must buy

Very good game for children! (Quinn in South Dakota)
  May 26, 2012

This game will make children....well catch em all! Oh and YES YOU CAN CATCH MISSINGNO! But it may permenatly damage your game. Still a fun game. I reccomend it for ages 5-10

I wish they had Lavender Town though. Fun game with PIKACHU!

great classic rpg for gbc addictive (Brendan Williams in Texas)
  April 12, 2012

runs great no issues with saving / loading and it came quickly and it great condition.

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