Reviews for Sonic Mega Collection Plus

Reviews for Sonic Mega Collection Plus for Playstation 2

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Nostalgic (Noah in Alabama)
  February 4, 2017

Arrived fairly quickly and it's just how I remember it. Great buy.

Amazing (Tom Swift in Illinois)
  September 10, 2015

Don't think, just buy it now.

The best Sonic collection so far (Drake Leblanc)
  August 13, 2015

This disc contains the classic Sonic the Hedgehog trilogy, which some may consider "The best Sonic games ever made", while I don't agree completely, I had to say that these are really fun games to play. You get to play over 7 Sonic games from the Sega Mega Drive (Genesis) and Game Gear, plus additional unlockable games such as Comix Zone, Ristar, Flicky and The Ooze.

This collection is one of the best of them all (in my opinion), it also adds the possibility to save state anywhere you want, so there's no need to loose a lot of lives, this makes the games less difficult, specially for those games that does not have a saving feature.

There are some not so good games like: Sonic Labyrinth. But this disc contains a lot of good games, so it's worth the buy!

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