Reviews for Kingdom Hearts 2

Reviews for Kingdom Hearts 2 for Playstation 2

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For nostalgia (A hardcore gamer in Illinois)
  March 7, 2019

After playing kh3, it made me miss the classic that is kh2. The 3rd installment is really good but kh2 outdid it i think. Great buy for good price

Best Game boi (Meme lord in Malaysia)
  August 9, 2018

10/10 would find Riku again

Same as always! (Houston M. in Missouri)
  June 2, 2016

JJGAMES is dependable, if they say "like new" they mean it! I received this looking like, I was a kid again, the casing was perfect, the manual was untouched so to say, and the game was flawless almost like it had never been played before. I most definitely will continue to buy from JJGAMES

Now with gummi ships that are actually fun (Marshall in Alabama)
  March 17, 2016

One of the best games ever made. This is what an Action/RPG should be.

THE BEST OF THE BEST (Anonymous in Missouri)
  January 22, 2013

First of all, EVERYTHING about this improved from the first two games. There's lots of new features, like drive commands, reaction commands, and my favorite, LIMITS! Plus, there's lots more worlds, meaning more ADVENTURE! The weapons are a lot more creative-looking. Once again, the music is INCREDIBLE! I like its three difficulty modes: beginner, standard, and proud. The gameplay is a lot more epic with awesome new abilities, most likely making you want to NEVER leave the game. The lasting appeal for me was great, but I got bored after I beat the game on beginner AND proud. That was the only thing bad. BEST KINGDOM HEARTS I EVER PLAYED ;D

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