Reviews for Resident Evil

Reviews for Resident Evil for Gamecube

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Outstanding Customer Service (Jason in Texas)
  July 29, 2018

I ordered this game and didnt realize i had my previous address until after it shipped! JJ Games made sure i got the game! Cant believe it!! Thanks Again!!

best classic (Alex stein in Georgia)
  August 20, 2015

One of my favorites in perfect condition and really affordable.

Best gc game (Isaiah in Oregon)
  April 6, 2015

This is the best game cube game on the GameCube but when I ordered it the first time they sent me the wrong game in side the case they sent me resident evil 4, I'm not complaining I like having copy's but I was promised resident evil so when I ordered seconded time they got it right it came great condition.

Best Survival Horror Ever (Alex Meza in Texas)
  December 6, 2012

I played this game back in 2003, but then my mom found it laying around didn't like the cover and just trashed it, sad, so a few weeks i was looking for this game everywhere and i could not find it, until i came to, ordered it, got it in a few days, and o boy, the game looks like new! no scratches on the discs nor the box, now to the game, it's just awesome!! it stills scares the heck out of me!! you have to play this game if you have never played it. btw I LOVE JJGAMES!!!

cool game (Brandon L. Githens in Tennessee)
  October 3, 2012

Gotta love this remake its better than the original. I love anything resident evil and gamecube is a great system for anyone.

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