Reviews for Tomb Raider

Reviews for Tomb Raider for Playstation

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Took me back (Mario in Arizona)
  April 8, 2019

I loved playing this game back in the day and loved reliving the fun

Tomb Raider- PS1 (RJPC in Virginia)
  July 9, 2018

worked perfectly. Tomb Raider 1, PS1

amazing (marco in Spain)
  October 24, 2013

Excellent adventure game. Old, but still very playable. It has puzzle solving, free searching, gun action, swimming, jumping, running. Archeological misterys included. A must have without doubt.

Too cool! (@/y$$@ in Alabama)
  November 24, 2012

I own all Tomb Raider games. If you love action,or adventure, and not too scared to step up and show who's boss, this is definitely the game for you. Enemies from a frightening T-rex to lions. I swear, you will LOVE this game!

Very Clean Game! (Ruby in Minnesota)
  October 10, 2012

Works great!

AWESOME GAME! (Yuna in Florida)
  May 14, 2012

The discption of the product was accucate and everything. The game plays very well and its one of the classics for ps1. Especually with the new game Tomb Raider: Reborn coming out in December. Its the perfect game to get for any Tomb Raider fan.

classic (Steven in Washington)
  March 30, 2012

great classic adventure game lotta mystery

Excellent ([e74] in Texas)
  March 29, 2012

The items were as promised. They all worked flawlessly.

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