Reviews for Driver

Reviews for Driver for Playstation

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A really good game! (Joshua gay in Louisiana)
  April 15, 2018

Great game fun to play all day and all night

Amazing (Britney in Ohio)
  February 29, 2016

Loved this game then.... And I love it now

great to bring back memories of childhood (Nick Hnida in Pennsylvania)
  May 29, 2015

Great game brought back great memories actual ps CD is in great condition

Love it! (Kelly in Ontario)
  April 20, 2014

Played it when i was younger and missed it so much i bought it again for my ps3 coverted :)

worth playing (MetallicTempest)
  May 9, 2012

It's a good game really it is. But there is an aspect of it that you should know about before buying that costs it 2 stars. This game has a very hard obstacle course that the player MUST successfully navigate before even being able to play the main game.Several maneuvers must be completed in a small parking garage in a short period of time. It is not obvious the best way to do it. There is little feedback until the time runs out. This will likely require many tedious retries to complete. It should have been optional.

I have played other parts since them and it's a decent game. You cannot get out of the vehicle, you cannot shoot things. However, it features good 3D graphics for a Ps1 game, more modern style driving physics, good npc vehicle AI. I thought it did driving a bit more realistically than GTA3 on Ps2 because of intersection details, traffic flow models, traffic generation, and how cops become alerted/spot you.

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