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Reviews for Time Crisis for Playstation

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Classic light gun game (Jord in Texas)
  March 9, 2016

Time Crisis is an arcade-style rail shooter on ps1, and one of the best ones for the system. The gameplay is very fast and will test your reflexes. Definitely harder than the sequels on ps2. In Time Crisis 2 or 3 you are given a "warning splash" when a projectile is fired at you, while in this game you have to keep a closer eye on who's taking aim at you. Also unlike the sequels, TC1 only has a single player mode. If you do plug a controller into the second port it will recognize all of the buttons as duck, which is pretty cool. If you like arcade shooters, you will like this. Make sure you have a Guncon and a CRT, from what I understand these games don't work on flatscreens.

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