Reviews for Tomb Raider III

Reviews for Tomb Raider III for Playstation

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it is a very great game. (josephgeisler in California)
  March 8, 2017

i am still playing the game i like this game very much.

favorite of TR games (Nick H in Pennsylvania)
  May 29, 2015

Excellent price and working condition!

Too cool! (@/y$$@ in Oregon)
  November 25, 2012

Lara's back for her 3rd time! Now, to complete this game you had to have memorized Lara's moves and enemies. This game is tricky. You have to have played TR 1 or 2 or else you'll die every now and then. TR3 is exiting with enemies from poisonous snakes to spine-chilling Shiva statues. You'll LOVE this TR game!

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