Reviews for Star Wars Battlefront 2

Reviews for Star Wars Battlefront 2 for Playstation 2

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Fun for my Grandson (Papa Bob in Massachusetts)
  September 26, 2019

Fun for my Grandson's birthday. He loved it! He and his brother and my son played for hours. This is 3rd copy of this game. I am sure he will enjoy it for a long long time. Thanks JJGames.

Best starwars game (Lawrence)
  August 19, 2018

By far the best starwars game with many hours of varying multiplayer for all ages

Best starwars game (Lawrence)
  August 19, 2018

By far the best starwars game with many hours of varying multiplayer for all ages

Very Good Game (Michael Y in New Jersey)
  March 21, 2018

Star Wars Battlefront 2 is the sequel game to the first Star Wars Battlefront game. In 2, there are new stages, new playable characters, weapons and a great rewards programs that rewards and recognizes in-game battle achievements. There are playable single battles, story mode and even a galactic conquest that is similar to a checkers duel between the Empire and the Rebels. This game deserves all five stars and is an instant classic. I recommend playing online or co-op with a friend - this is where the game shines. Definitely a great game for the PS2.

Best game ever (Mike Rivera in Tennessee)
  July 20, 2017

No complaints works great.

Amazing! (Houston M.)
  June 2, 2016

When I ordered this I expecting it to be a little rough with a few scratches or something, maybe a tear in the manual. No, when I received this the game was in perfect condition not a scratch or smudge on it, the case and manual were the same condition too, I literally thought I just bought this game brand spanking new!

Awesome for co-op (Mc buttwhistle in California)
  October 9, 2015

Had alot of fun playing this with friends in co-op. Feels like your a real jedi when using the special characters

Good game (Keath Grimes in Texas)
  May 21, 2015

I'd bought 5 games with a system and was satisfied with each purchase I made. I'll be buying from you guys again soon.

AWSOME! (Casey in Washington)
  May 2, 2013

works great plays great!

good (Luther byers in Pennsylvania)
  April 11, 2013

Works great

Great game! (Sean Earl in Hong Kong)
  October 5, 2012

Great follow il to the 1st edition, but the space battles leave a lot to the imagination.8

Great Game for Any Star Wars Fan!! (Kyle Bachand in California)
  April 9, 2012

This is truly one of the best star wars games I have ever played. Going off of the Battlefront I layout, this game adds superior graphics, and overall awesome gameplay. I would highly recommend it and plus, JJGames is cheaper than any other place I have looked!

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