Reviews for Sonic Riders

Reviews for Sonic Riders for Gamecube

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Never disappointed (Dawn E LaFountain in North Carolina)
  December 30, 2017

Quality classic games.

Good but not as good as I remember (Cartoon King in Arizona)
  January 12, 2017

The sense of speed and doing tricks is cool but the controls really suck and drifting for most of the turns is annoying and the game doesn't do a good job at explaining some of the mechanics but overall I had a good time(Except when I was playing mission mode) and still play it I recommend it just for the fact it has AIAI, and Ulala in it

Favorite game from friends house (Logan in Minnesota)
  January 30, 2015

Great game, I played it at my friends house on his original Xbox all the time and I loved it, I found it for the GameCube to play on my Wii and I can't stop playing it, brings back old memories with my neighbor.

Excellent (Anonymous)
  May 17, 2014

Fast delivery, have the game that was out of circulation. The beat ever.

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