Reviews for Star Wars Episode I Racer

Reviews for Star Wars Episode I Racer for Nintendo 64

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Very fun (Jeff in Alabama)
  March 11, 2017

Really great looking tracks and frame rate is good. You can't use the D pad it's analog stick only so I got an ultra racer which made it much easier to control.

Star Wars Classic (Marc-André in Quebec)
  October 9, 2015

The game in itself is good alternative to any racing games. The content is original and true to the original story.

great game/fast shipping (Gerardo Gutierrez in California)
  August 27, 2014

Obsessed with the game, I'm so glad I found this website! Will be buying again soon!

Great game (Juan Martinez in California)
  August 21, 2014

Great game at a great price.

Good high-speed racing game (Adam K in Ontario)
  January 17, 2014

With so many notable racing games on the N64, it's hard to say where this game fits in with the rest. It has pretty impressive graphics for it's time, and has a good sense of speed. Simple controls make it easy to pick up and play, and the lack of story allows for instant racing. It is a "Star Wars" game, but aside from the obvious "Pod Racing", there isn't much in this game to remind you of the horrible "Phantom Menace", on which it was based. (Yet to see any reference to Jar-Jar!) All in all, a good game at a low, low price.

So many memories (Anonymous in California)
  May 30, 2013

great condition

Great deal (Dennis in Alabama)
  April 17, 2013

Loved this game. Thought it was exciting and the best thing to come from episode 1. A must for Star Wars fans

awesome flying game, especially for star wars fans (dan in Minnesota)
  March 21, 2013

If you are a fan of flying games or star wars, this game will not dissapoint.

Game is cool (Nicole Pereira in New York)
  January 10, 2013

I like the tracks, graphics are pretty good considering the old system.

It was fun for the kids, they said it was the best out of the bunch.

Great game (Vince in Ontario)
  August 26, 2012

Great Star Wars game.

Brings back Memories (Jordan in Alabama)
  May 17, 2012

Great game still. I remember playing it when i first got my 64 and it is still as good as it was then! Highly recommended. And the game was refurbished perfectly, no issues.

Very fun to play with friends (Lucas in Alberta)
  April 9, 2012

Tons of racers and tracks to choose from and upgradable pod racers makes this one of my favorite racing games ever!

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