Reviews for Star Wars Rogue Leader

Reviews for Star Wars Rogue Leader for Gamecube

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Play it (Adam W in Newfoundland and Labrador)
  October 20, 2016

Very fun game. Playing it on the Wii with the component cables and it looks nice.

Great buy! (Frank in Quebec)
  January 15, 2016

Had the original on n64 as a kid loved it. This is a great sequel. Lots of fun.

Tied for Best Star Wars Game (Jason in Florida)
  March 28, 2015

I would say that rogue leader is easily tied with knights of the old republic as the best star wars game ever made. The space combat demonstrates tight and enjoyable gameplay and the graphics look great even by today's standards. Not an easy feat to pull off considering this is a gamecube launch title! Overall, if you haven't given this game a try you're missing out. A must own for any gamecube collection.

Fun Star Wars shooter (MetallicTempest)
  May 9, 2012

This game is what you would expect from a Star Wars flying shooter. Covers major iconic scenes from the movies. Starts with the Deathstar trench, uses music and clips from the movies. Includes collectibles, trophies, and unlockables. It almost loses a star just because it's a bit obvious and overly typical for a Star Wars game. Maybe you will like that about it though. It's got cheats if you get stuck somewhere. If you like Star Wars or flying shooters then this game is pretty good. If you never played it then check it out.

Good service from jjGames, they sent it fast and it arrived as advertised. It was a bit dirty though. I think they buff out scratches on discs with something that sometimes leaves a residue. It washed off and plays great.

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