Reviews for Star Fox 64

Reviews for Star Fox 64 for Nintendo 64

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Star Fox, it’s been too long (Crystal R in Texas)
  April 25, 2019

Cartridge in great condition. Always had been a fun game to play.

I love Starfox (Travis Willits in Alabama)
  August 5, 2018

Took a little cleaning but finally got it to work

Amazing game (Datto in Texas)
  August 1, 2018

Loved it. This was a game I loved as a kid. Graphics are obviously disgisting but i still love the annoying NPC's.

Works well (John Doe in Quebec)
  April 1, 2018

Came as expected, works well

Awesome (Peter d)
  December 19, 2014

Game worked flawlessly

Good game (Adrian in Alabama)
  April 29, 2014

It's fun. Similar to the SNES Star Fox version but more advanced.

Great condition at awesome price (Hugo Bellavance in Quebec)
  October 4, 2013

Great condition at awesome price. I was looking for star fox at this price for a long time!

A must own! (Firecam93 in Florida)
  September 15, 2013

Excellent game. A must add to your N64 collection!

Reliable Source (Jay in Ontario)
  August 22, 2013

Great site for online shopping!

Not only the greatest N64 game but the greatest shooter game (Grayson Miller in Arizona)
  August 17, 2013

If you've never played star fox 64 your missing out. Before I give you a full review however I want to thank jj games for the almost mint condition cartridge.(I swear the cartridge looked great for used it just had some slight marks on it) If you plan on getting a game anywhere. Get it at jj games. Im a very overall happy consumer :),now time for the review.

Gameplay and level design:The game is a space rail shooter and let me tell you as soon as you start playing it you will fall in love with how addicting the gameplay is and the levels are very well designed.

Art-style, graphics and overall design: The game looks great for an early N64 game and the boss design is awesome.

Sound and music: The games sound effects add to the fun of the game and the music gets you pumped up and ready to start shooting the crap out of things.

Story: The story is short but its not terrible either. You play as fox mccloud who must save corneria and avenge his fathers death by eliminating the evil Andross and his army, along with your friends Falco(The awesome and cool hot-shot),Peppy(The old but skilled veteran of the starfox team), and finally Slippy (the idiot XD)

Length,replay value and difficulty: The game is short and is easy and the levels are easy to beat once you play them a couple times but the game does have a lot of replay value. There different and secret planets you can go to but in order to go to these certain planets you need to do a certain something in the previous planet to get to them (such as killing atleast 100 enemies or shooting all switches)

overall score:10/10 This is definitely a must have for those who love space shooters(in 3-d) or for those who just love a good n64 game.

Great game, great condition (Javier M in California)
  June 8, 2013

I ordered the game in good condition and just like the disclaimer says, the cartridge had just two little signs of wear on the front and the cover art was fully intact. It arrived a day earlier than expected and its still loads of fun.

Great buy (NYBOY in New York)
  January 26, 2013

Its so cool. Even though it came out in 1997 the graphics are still pretty cool. The vehicles are cool.

Starfox one of the best games ever made, I love it! (MARIATHERESA URZUA in California)
  February 27, 2012

Starfox 64 great game and it works great

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