Reviews for Super Smash Bros. Melee

Reviews for Super Smash Bros. Melee for Gamecube

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Arrived Early & Came Exactly as Described (Jon Do in Florida)
  October 18, 2018

No issues whatsoever. Item was delivered ahead of schedule and arrived exactly as described. 10/10 Would shop again.

JJgames Review (Will in Virginia)
  March 5, 2018

Nostalgia this game gets 5 stars my games came and all of them had cleaner on the top of the games except one no big deal i wiped it off the games came in great condition not a scratch on them except one they all worked i kind of like jjgames better than gamestop they have all the older games they have a new game selection they help you save better i love jj games only con i have is they need to have better communication

SSBM (Jonathan in British Columbia)
  October 31, 2016

Usually one of the main reasons people get a Wii or GameCube. Very glad I finally got this game.

Bomb game (Chloe in Wisconsin)
  August 26, 2016

Good condition, awesome game, reasonable price

Best game (Jonathan Sanchez in New Jersey)
  July 2, 2015

The game is great just the disc is the problem i have to be careful everytime I insert the disc to my gamecube because of the cracked ring.

So much fun! (Mikko Karilahti in Finland)
  May 25, 2014

Better that the pal version. Game works really good :) Thanks again jjgames!

The Reason To Own A Gamecube (Anonymous in Louisiana)
  February 7, 2014

My friends and I would unlock all characters and stages and trophies for days on end. It is such an addicting game that any Nintendo fan needs to have this in their collection.

Best of the Smash games imo (Metallictempest in Florida)
  September 29, 2013

The game comes with a lot of characters and has a lot of unlockable characters and levels. It has several game modes, CPU opponents, and trophies to collect. It is best when played with a group of friends but it is enjoyable alone too. Overall this is a must have for gamecube owners.

Best Gamecube Game Ever (Marc Morgenbesser in New York)
  June 7, 2013

A must have to anyone who has a gamecube years of fun

Question (Rudy in Alabama)
  December 26, 2012

86$ on eBay they sale it for 40$!

Classic! (J.C. in Ohio)
  June 20, 2012

Pure fun mayhem. One of the best party games ever made.

great game (Anonymous in Massachusetts)
  June 7, 2012

The best fighting game ever

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