Reviews for Beetle Adventure Racing

Reviews for Beetle Adventure Racing for Nintendo 64

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Hours and Hours of Fun! (N64 Dave in Ontario)
  October 2, 2015

This is another really great racing game for the N64, tons of fun. Fun cars, fun tracks with lots of hidden shortcuts to discover. I highly recommend this one, definitely put this one in your N64 collection.

Great Game (Anonymous)
  June 10, 2013

Great game! My friend and I used to play this together when I'd stay the night at her house back in the day. I finally found a copy of it for myself. Brings back great memories!

Suprisingly Excellent! (Croz in Florida)
  March 4, 2013

I would have never given this game a second glance but a friend of mine swore by it so I ordered it here from JJ. Excellent game! The tracks are huge and change with each lap. The controls are tight and the graphics are great. Don't overlook this hidden gem!

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