Reviews for Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Red

Reviews for Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Red for Gameboy Advanced

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Worth Playing Again & Again (Hermit )
  April 23, 2013

The Pokemon Mystery Dungeon series from Chun-Soft is an accessible Rogue-Like that is enjoyable for all ages. It is not as brutally unforgiving as some of their other games (Shiren) in this genre...However, there is still plenty of challenge beyond the comparatively easy story. There are numerous dungeons to be unlocked after game is finished. It is then that the the game starts to take on the flavor of a true Rogue-Like...Oh and about those who complain that the series lags...It is turned based...You move, companions move, monsters move...that is not lag, that is what turn based games do!

nintendo sp (alexis in Ontario)
  April 27, 2012

It is different from other pokemon games I have played but it is still interesting. I bought it for my oldest daughter who is 9 and she has a hard time with the quests but I know she can figure it out. I help her sometimes when she gets fustrated. I would not recommend it to anyone under 12 as you really need to read what to do and most under that age that can read do not want to they just want to play the game.

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