Reviews for Super Mario Kart

Reviews for Super Mario Kart for Super Nintendo

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A trip down memory lane (Ashley in Utah)
  June 14, 2018

My husband still has his childhood Super Nintendo but has lost some of his favorite games so we are slowly rebuilding his collection. Super Mario Kart was on our list of games we wanted and we very pleased to find a copy of the game for a reasonable price on The game cartridge works perfectly and we've really enjoyed playing it.

An all time favorite (David in Louisiana)
  April 2, 2018

I play with my kids all the time. I played when I was in middle school all the time. We prefer older games because they are less immersive. This one is great to play a bit and easily walk away to proceed with real life.

Review for Super Mario Kart (Anonymous)
  March 29, 2018


Game is in great condition (Alice Dinatale in California)
  March 1, 2018

JJ Games is a great company to buy used games from. The order process was easy, the game arrived quickly and it works great. I was worried because this is an original Super Nintendo game from many moons ago and I thought it probably wouldn't work, but it worked great! My son (who is 31 now) and I spent the weekend playing it and reminiscing. I definitely recommend buying from this company. I also bought Mario World at the same time and it works great too!

Good not great (Molly)
  December 15, 2015

The game itself was awesome just as expected. I do think it may have been over priced especially since it usually takes couple of tries to get it working, but a good game worth playing.

fun (charles in Florida)
  May 21, 2015

Fun racing game if the console you're using supports ups patches there are a bunch of user made tracks to race on!

Best SNES game ever (David J. in Colorado)
  March 29, 2015

Super Mario Kart!

Great Game (Anonymous)
  May 10, 2014

Good condition - as expected!

Always awesome!!! (Will in Ontario)
  May 8, 2014

Is a great, original Mariokart game. Awesome levels, awesome racers and an awesome game for people of all ages.

Classic Game, Great Value (Gabe Savage in Ontario)
  April 25, 2013

Great for parties, or by yourself, cant go wrong with classic super mario kart.

Nostalgic (Anonymous)
  February 2, 2013

Really cool! If you expect expansive races, you will be disappointed! It is a very cool game because if you are a Mario dork or a young child!

Good game (McMillan in Alabama)
  December 27, 2012

Just like I remembered it.

classic (DK in Alberta)
  December 12, 2012

classic game

Great Game! (Harry Ubinas in Ohio)
  June 11, 2012

Its a very fun racing game with your favorite Mario characters. I would recommend to anyone!!

swell (johnny green in California)
  March 1, 2012

fun game

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