Reviews for SimCity

Reviews for SimCity for Super Nintendo

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Minor cosmetic issues, but otherwise great game (Pablo in Chile)
  December 20, 2018

I've poured probably 100+ hours into this game over 25 years. It's simply a classic. The cartridge had some cosmetic issues, but nothing too major.

Works like new (Peter Curtis in Ontario)
  April 5, 2018

I have played almost non stop since I got it brings me back to my child hood

Launch title for SNES (Aaron Wong in Malaysia)
  November 23, 2017

Always loved to play the PS version, this will be on my next play list.

most addictive (James in Ontario)
  January 18, 2015

You can play for hours & not get bored.

Classic (Chris Vicary in Alberta)
  August 29, 2013

This is such a classic game. It isn't too complicated to pick up but difficult to perfect. Whether you have 5 minutes or 5 hours you can play this game and have fun.

Speedy and perfect (Chris Adams in Ohio)
  July 29, 2013

Perfect game for the snes and it got to me 3 days early and if that happens often I will never order from anyone else again. JJ is the best when it comes to games. My game played perfectly. I put the game it and flipped the power that was all and that is rare to find a game that clean. I would recommend JJ to anyone that I know if the are looking for old games at keep prices and fast shipping.

One of my favourites (Robert in Alberta)
  April 20, 2013

Sim city is one of the best games i had as a child.

Nostalgia (Stephen in Texas)
  March 5, 2013

Sim City ports were a dime a dozen back in the day. The SNES version does not disappoint. The computer versions are better, but if you want to get this game on a home console I would recommend the SNES version any day.

Great game (Eugene in Texas)
  January 6, 2013

Great simulation game, one of snes best.

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