Reviews for Super Nintendo System

Reviews for Super Nintendo System for Super Nintendo

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Best prices. (Dillzer in New York)
  December 16, 2019

Jjgames ship time is a day or 2 longer then other sites I've used but the prices cant be beat! Everything is in perfect working condition.

Love it (Justin in Texas)
  September 8, 2019

Once again jj gave me a good deal. Jj is the best.

Great System.. (Mike Haack in Florida)
  July 11, 2019

Love this sysyem i play it daily. Takes me back to my younger days..

Great Place (Alex Harris in Alabama)
  February 21, 2019

Excellent business and great products and shipping

Nothing like the old days (Darrell Byrd in Florida)
  January 28, 2019

My son likes to see how it was back in my day.

Great System, Great Value. (Sawyer Kilby)
  November 22, 2018

It's 100% authentic and looks and plays amazing.

Snes Fun (Mia r in Alabama)
  September 17, 2018

My retro mom loved it. It was priced great and came looking new. Made a fun gift!

Recent Purchase (Andrew M. in Florida)
  May 4, 2018

Everything arrived as ordered!! The only problem was that the start button for an SNES controller ordered did not work. Sent it back and was refunded rather quickly. I mean it is old equipment and I am sure they do their best. Very excited to keep ordering from JJ Games knowing that I can return something if it slips through and does not work and they will indeed take it back and refund the amount. Looking forward to refilling my SNES game collection. Hope this helps you make a decision to use them!

Perfect condition (Melanie roque in California)
  January 30, 2018

Very happy with our system!!

Brings back memories (Brittany Lukens in New Mexico)
  December 14, 2017

It works! I defeated my super Mario world game in one day. I am very happy to have this system! However my controller broke and I had to replace it..

Awesome (Luis in Maine)
  July 7, 2017

This console is awesome, it broke during shipping but it still works and I don't care

Nostalgia gaming console (Brenda Laflin in Arizona)
  June 11, 2017

I bought this because I played it with my kids when they were growing up. The controls are easy to use, but have cords. One advantage is the games are cartridges, so little ones can't scratch them and ruin them like the disks.

Best Retro System (Craig Howk in Alabama)
  April 23, 2017

The SNES is a must for retrogamers. Great value from JJGames!

Great system, Great Price (Carlos Flores in Georgia)
  April 10, 2017

Looked around for a system for a while. This was the place with the best price but also options as far what condition you would receive it in. The system I chose was a great price and almost perfect condition. I have played for a few days now not experienced any issues.

Thanks JJgames!!!!! (Steve in California)
  March 16, 2016

Im an old skool game collector and have been looking for a Super Nintendo without the yellowing and cracking for a decent price and finally found one from you guys. Console works great. Great job on the packaging and free shipping as well. Very satisfied with my purchase. I'll be buying from you again in the future. FYI, looking for a Sega Saturn thats in awesome condition too.

Totally Awesome (Kayla Quinlevan in Wisconsin)
  March 7, 2016

The system was in great shape and everything worked the way it should. I would have given it five stars if it wasn't for the fact that it was poorly packaged so the corners were super chipped. One was about a 1 inch piece that I had to glue back on so the inside wasn't exposed. It didn't effect playability at all but the receiver was a little disappointed that it was so bad. He still plays it everyday though.

Power pack cord is too sensitive to properly connect (Jerry connett in Iowa)
  March 3, 2016

The cord connecting to the power pack has to be plugged in just right or it will not work. The slightest movement causes the power to drop.

Going back to the past (James Cody Thomas in Kentucky)
  February 15, 2016

The Super Nintendo has always been a console that is near and dear to my heart. It was one of the main consoles that I've played during my childhood and developed many of fond memories with. The library of games was also strong, while there were a few duds and mediocre titles released. There was no denying the quality of many titles.

The controller feels fine, the buttons are responsive which is always good.

awesome console (chris in Ontario)
  February 8, 2016

The console is fantastic, fun ,clean but I had to fix some pieces that broke during shipping

JJ Games is my #1 Retro Store!! ( DARIEL L . (RETRO K1NG ) in Florida)
  January 24, 2016

Thank you JJgames for delivering what you said you had to offer.Snes in good condition,i went to try to clean the cartridge slot on the snes.i was black dirt ,and it was super just like new.if any one that views jjgames and not sure they can trust.well trust me i will be buying again.i have bought my sega saturn from Jjgames,my dream cast from JJgames. pretty much all my retro console from jjgames.dont have no issues till today.Thanks

Fun system (Amy Griffiths in Utah)
  January 8, 2016

System works fantastic although the controller that came with it stopped working after a week. All in all though, good purchase.

One of the best consoles ever made! (-D Williams in California)
  December 24, 2015

A true classic with an awesome library of games.

Top Tier Console for Retro Players (CRAIG HOWK in Florida)
  December 22, 2015

Owned a NES some 20 years ago. The SNES and SNES software versions are far better!!

Ok (Jennifer Miranda in Alabama)
  September 7, 2015

System was broken in four corners and system was yellowish

Very Good (Angela Martin in Wisconsin)
  August 13, 2015

Despite the discoloring, the super Nintendo console works very well, I was very excited to play the games I did when I was a kid.

super nintendo (Elizabeth in Kentucky)
  August 6, 2015

It works great no problem my niece loves this! Highly recommend this sight to anyone

Pleased Customer (Eli in Iowa)
  June 8, 2015

My good condition SNES arrived in pristine shape. I've played it frequently for over a week and it hasn't had a hiccup yet. JJGAMES threw in a bonus SNES controller that I wasn't expecting; however, the start button on the controller didn't work. I'm not sweating it though, since it was advertised as system and cables only.

In good condition (Seantia Lawson-Smith in Alabama)
  March 22, 2015

The system works great. I have no problem with it except the RCA connector didn't work. Luckily, I own a Gamecube and N64 so it wasn't a big deal.

works fine (Anonymous in Alabama)
  November 23, 2014

works just like new

Great Online Store (Dante: The Host, The Most in Ukraine)
  September 5, 2014

Ordered two PS3 games and they came in mint condition. Highly recommendable way to purchase your video games online.

Great System (Satisfied Customer in Louisiana)
  September 2, 2014

First purchase from was a Super Nintendo and The Lion King cart. The system and game arrived as described, and worked right out of the box. Would definitely recommend for games and consoles. Looking forward to purchasing from JJgames again.

Great Condition System (Connor in Massachusetts)
  July 17, 2014

Very very happy with the quality of the system I received. Will use Jjgames Again!

Great Deal/Website (J in California)
  July 12, 2014

This website is amazing! I got the super nintendo system, plus a few games & an extra controller. Everything was great. Some of the games need to be tweaked, but its a cartridge, it's expected. JJgames customer service is great. I had a problem, sent an email, & within a few days i got a response & the situation was rectified. I love this website & ever since I've been using it I've been telling everyone I know about it. Thanks

it's alright (eric in Ontario)
  March 30, 2014

the super nintendo i recieved was very poor quality im surprised it works by looking at it but as long as it does work i dont really care how it looks, theres a masive chunk of the system plastic missing near the power light indicator, as i said tho it works fine.

Best (Nancy in Alabama)
  March 20, 2014

Best game site ever

Decent Purchase (Michael in Texas)
  March 1, 2014

Console looks to be in good condition but has some color contrast problems and what looks like constant horizontal waves across the screen. The controller that came with does work but came in very poor condition. It's broken on the bottom, and has sharp edges where broken. It's very uncomfortable after a few minutes of playing. Also, the bumper buttons work sporadically and the start button does not.

best system (Eliza in New York)
  February 26, 2014

I grew up with this system and a few other Nintendo systems like the n64 and the game cube witch I have ordered from here and im really excited for it over all the Nintendo systems are an old school classic and I big child hood memorie

Great System, Not so Great Service (Mike in South Carolina)
  October 6, 2013

When my Super Nintendo arrived at my house I plugged it in and it didn't work. I wasn't very mad because that stuff happens with old systems. So I sent it back and 2 weeks later I got my new one. Yellow and chipped. I was hopping they would send me one that was in a little better shape than that considering the first one didn't work at all.

Incredibly fun. (Preston in Ohio)
  September 30, 2013

I bought my Super Nintendo and within a couple of days it arrived at my house in amazing condition. I'm still playing this machine and probably will be until the day it stops functioning. It will be repaired and go through the cycle again. Thanks!

Looks great, works great. (Brandon in Louisiana)
  September 12, 2013

System looks amazing, no yellow discoloring, controller that came with it looks and works great. Plays the few games I have for the SNES just fine. JJGames came through again with flying colors.

best system! (kendra simmons in New Mexico)
  September 11, 2013

Everyone has really enjoyed my new super nintendo thanks!!

Perfect for any age! (Jessica in Louisiana)
  August 22, 2013

I love this system! Simple, reliable, and great for any gender or age!

Great SNES (Anonymous in California)
  July 15, 2013

When i got my SNES it was in good condition and played well also didn't have any yellowing.

Good (Colleen in Alberta)
  May 22, 2013

I like playing Super Nintendo and my favorite game is donkey kong country then. I like buying video stuff from the USA because its cheaper and easier find what I'm looking for because I can't find the stuff I want in Canada and I'm from Canada and I like it how jj games ships to Canada too

The Classic Console (Alex in Alabama)
  April 21, 2013

The console arrived promptly, was clean, and works as described. I have received several compliments from colleagues about the physical condition of the machine.

Best 16 bit system ever! (Glora in Kansas)
  April 4, 2013

Plugged it in and went to playing! Provides a wonderful experience in playing, especially the Sim City that I purchased with it! Been having fun with Zelda too!

After ordering the system, it arrived quickly and the packaging was nice. A must have for any retro gamer out there!

Works perfect (Paul Matthews in North Carolina)
  March 16, 2013

Exactly as described. Works great.

Old School Snes (Cordick Grant in Alberta)
  March 10, 2013

The Snes arrived quickly and worked perfectly! Thanks JJgames.... all I need now is to build up my collection

Excellent for everyone (Miekeala in Alberta)
  February 23, 2013

I had one of these as a child and I loved it. Now I bought myself another one and I love it more. Best purchase I have ever made.

good system. (william in Florida)
  January 31, 2013

Like the system, thought the graphics would be better.

Excellent (Anonymous in California)
  January 11, 2013

My fiance loves his Christmas present. We both are old school video gamers and are addicted to playing almost everyday.

Great Console (Jacob Anderson in District Of Columbia)
  October 1, 2012

Great system. Thanks.

solid system (Charlie in Michigan)
  September 1, 2012

This system is bomb, now if only i had more games...

I love this (Ricky West in Tennessee)
  August 5, 2012


Like I never put the controller down (Maureen Theroux in Illinois)
  August 3, 2012

I loved all of the Donkey Kong Country games for SNES and was sad when mine were stolen along with my system in a burglary. I was so happy to find the system and the games together and reasonably priced. I am definately going to go back to JJGames for ALL of my game purchases in the future. Now, my whole family is looking forward to trying to beat me at the games, even my little granddaughter. The minute there was even a perceived problem, Jonathan (sale rep) took care of it like a rocket and replaced the part. I am really happy with my purchase and look forward to more purchases from JJGames. Thank you again, Jonathan!!! You rock! Sincerely a very happy customer,

Great retro game systm! (Dockens in Texas)
  May 12, 2012

Great system and games. Kids really love it and husband loves the "old" games,,,just his style! He beats the pants off the kids! We Love!!!

Best Game System ever made!!!!!! (Terrace in Nova Scotia)
  May 7, 2012

Man when this came in the mail i was excited, my other super nintendo had been broken for a year and ordering this one got me so pumped. came with absolutely no problems.

Best System Ever Made! (Cara in Ohio)
  April 8, 2012

Hard to save games on more than two people's names Not a lot of memory Easy controllers Holds its value, if not going up

Awesome system, very pleased. (Timmy Parker in Alabama)
  February 27, 2012

Works like a beast!

My Favorite Console of All Time (Jonathon in Colorado)
  February 23, 2012

I owned a Sega Genesis when I was growing up and never played much of the Super Nintendo but when I bought a Super Nintendo in college I realized how much I had missed.

The SNES has good 2D graphics, nothing like current consoles, but I enjoy 2D games more than 3D games for their simplicity.

The best part of the system is the games. There are hundreds of them from every genre imaginable. Unique RPG's like Earthbound. Challenging platformers like Super Mario World. And Zelda Link to the Past.

The one big drawback to the SNES now is good games are fairly expensive compared to other retro consoles like NES or Genesis.

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