Reviews for Aladdin

Reviews for Aladdin for Super Nintendo

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Game works great but have to mess with it a bit (Brittanie Cooper in Utah)
  February 28, 2019

I had to insert and eject the game several times to get it to work and sometimes still have to do it a few times before playing, but it always gets it going again and the game works great other than that! This is the second game I've bought from JJ Games and I've been pleased!

Reminiscent of the past (Zachery 2 )
  October 13, 2018

Loved replaying this game!

Reminiscent of the past (Zachery 2 )
  October 13, 2018

Loved replaying this game!

Reminiscent of the past (Zachery 2 Cows)
  October 13, 2018

Loved replaying this game!

Good! (Sophy in Quebec)
  February 25, 2016

Woww perfect game, like I was young!

Great! (Maher Al-Musawi in Oman)
  May 25, 2015

Great! Will buy again from jgames!

brings back my childhood (Lorraine in West Virginia)
  March 4, 2015

I absolutely adore this game!!! It truely brings back my childhood and all the fond memory's playing it! The game its self is very fun to play and to me still a very beautiful and well made game! Also its always nice to see genie :) RIP Robin Williams!

one of the best (Marie-Claude De Carufel in Quebec)
  December 22, 2014

Simply fantastic for my daughters and me

Very good game, easy enough for kids. Great music/animation. (Josh in Michigan)
  September 27, 2012

I have always owned this game, so I did not buy it from JJGames. Regardless, all the games I have received from them have worked great and the prices they are almost always better than other places.

The game itself is very colorful, well animated, has great music, and has very fun gameplay and controls. The game is just challenging enough to make it fun, but not too easy. It's something a child would enjoy and have fun with.

I find that the SNES version is much better than the Genesis/Megadrive version of Aladdin (they are both very different games).

Really cool game! (Lucas in New Brunswick)
  September 23, 2012

This game really brought me back, fun for all ages!

very fun game (Christopher Tessier in New Brunswick)
  June 1, 2012

my order was rather large so i am just going to say the entire order of #233071 is awesome, well worth the money spent, brings back childhood memories, thanks again for having such a large variety at very appropriate prices that meets my needs, especially the email feedback when an item i am looking for comes in stock, it got me 2 sega controllers which were much needed,now i can play co-op and still have a back up, i have recommended your site to a few of my friends, so again, thanks a million

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