Reviews for NBA Jam

Reviews for NBA Jam for Super Nintendo

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Classic (Pedro Freitas in Portugal)
  August 8, 2018

Great classic!My copy is in great condition and works fine!

Excellent (Kay-Ar-Tee in Chile)
  June 28, 2015

Fun, easy to play. Excelent for casual gaming.

Good Games (Jose in Chile)
  December 7, 2013

When I was little I played this game, I remember it as it was

ever made (Joe Gamez in Alabama)
  May 16, 2013

I loved this game when i was little and i still love this game to this day

fun (Greg P in Pennsylvania)
  February 2, 2013

love it

Still a blast to play all these years later (Bri in Michigan)
  April 22, 2012

easy controls, great atmosphere makes this game fun for people who don't even like basketball. The announcer with his; "boom shockalocka" or "KABOOM!", or "he's on fire!" gets you excited and keeps you talking smack to either the other player or the computer. See if you can catch the net on fire, shatter the backboard, and other cool hidden features.

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