Reviews for Pilotwings

Reviews for Pilotwings for Super Nintendo

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Super fun (Aaron Wong in Malaysia)
  January 10, 2018

Getting more difficult as the level progress, glued to the game.

Excellent Arcade Simulation (Nate in California)
  January 19, 2017

Great game! Plays perfect just as I remember as a kid.

Too good (Mike in Ontario)
  December 18, 2015

It an simple but extreme fun game that was innovative.

Blast from the past! (David J. in Colorado)
  March 29, 2015

One of my favorite child hood games! JJ Games are the real deal. 5 STARS

Fun for Everyone! (Mike Buhler in Saskatchewan)
  May 14, 2013

Really good simulation with great dialogue and a more than fair points system

Need a challenge? (Anonymous)
  March 5, 2013

Very good game that takes full advantage of the SNES sound chip. This game gets rather difficult even before you unlock expert mode. Requires practice and patience, but is a very fun and relaxing game when you get used to the controls.

Great fun (Shaun in United States)
  January 14, 2013

remember the fun i had with this game when i was a kid

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