Reviews for Turok Dinosaur Hunter

Reviews for Turok Dinosaur Hunter for Nintendo 64

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I love this game! (Marcus in Florida)
  December 1, 2017

Another great used product. I only had to give the connectors a quick wipe with a dry q tip and it played like brand new. Classic FPS that's so much fun.

Game works great (Kelly long in Ohio)
  July 4, 2016

The game works great it's perfect I am already on the third level of Turok the Dinosaur Hunter love the game I would by here again you have great games

Dinosaur Hunter (Remah Howell in North Carolina)
  October 10, 2015

I have enjoyed watching my son with all his moves on this game. He loves playing this game.

Great game works well (Kurtis in Oregon)
  October 2, 2015

It took a while for me to complete it and I have to say I enjoy it

Not Bad (Kyle in New Brunswick)
  April 3, 2015

Fun FPS game for the N64.

solid game (Anonymous in Alabama)
  February 3, 2014

fun game

It's a good game, but it's just not my type of game. (Jacob Reiss in British Columbia)
  December 15, 2013

This is a really good game, but I just don't like shooters in general. This game was no exception to this rule.

Good game (Jeremy Carrigan in Manitoba)
  September 9, 2013

A really good game when you're looking for something different.

simply Amazing! (Trevor in Georgia)
  August 12, 2013

One of the best video game franchises of all time and one of the greatest games to be released on the n64. Great graphics plus an intriguing storyline leads to one one of the fun nest experience's on the n64. Good soundtrack tones of dinosaurs and reptilian humanoids to shoot You'll never get bored with this game! Side note-this game uses the x stick "for yellow arrows" to control turok the main character

Game tested and played through the first 3 levels (The Living Tombstone in Israel)
  November 8, 2012

Works really well, recommend it to anyone who has 2 dollars to play this awesome FPS game :)

it is a ok game (someguy in Tennessee)
  September 24, 2012

it is ok

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