Reviews for Super Tennis

Reviews for Super Tennis for Super Nintendo

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Great (Adam Double U in Alberta)
  August 23, 2018

Good game and great condition

Cool game (Pedro Freitas in Portugal)
  August 8, 2018

Great classic!My copy is in great condition and works fine!

Factory sealed (Aaron in Malaysia)
  March 8, 2018

Still in the sealed clear plastic packaging (unopened), saving it for the collection.

great game from my youth (mike in Ontario)
  March 17, 2014

Excellent product from jj

Challenging and good for the price (Jesse in Alberta)
  March 28, 2013

For people whom want to fill some extra space in there collections but still want a game they can play and have fun with, without just collecting dust, This is a great option. Inexpensive, Fun to play, Very Challenging, And a great multiplayer. (Also there's funny faces from the 90's for the characters you can choose from)

Great for fans of console tennis. (Rocky Rodent in Oklahoma)
  October 5, 2012

Super Tennis was perhaps the first truly great console tennis game. Whereas other tennis games simply recreated Pong on a vertically-centered court, Super Tennis truly felt like legitimate tennis. It straddles the line between the complexity of Virtua Tennis, and the simplicity of Mario Tennis, with a variety of courts and playable characters that are a huge step up from Nintendo's previous tennis game on the NES.

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