Reviews for Earthbound

Reviews for Earthbound for Super Nintendo

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Happy (IronEagle)
  September 28, 2018

Game was a fair price and works great. Happy with the purchase.

Earthbound (Nicholas Lewis in California)
  July 27, 2017

This is a fun but different RPG for the SNES (Super Nintendo).

Another Great SNES RPG (Richard Allen Davis II in California)
  April 13, 2016

This is a one-of-a-kind video game. And it is kind of a mixed bag. The dialogue is well-written and humorous, the story is simple but good enough, the music is emotive, the graphics are quite plain, the characters are appealing, the fighting system is rudimentary, most of the enemies aren't real exciting, and the mood is pleasant throughout.

But above all else, this game has a considerable amount of charm, and will probably tug at your heart a couple times. It really feels like you're going on a journey with the main character. The plot develops in such a way that it's not hard to feel like you're somehow "growing up" and bonding with him and his friends. It's one of those RPGs that you won't want to end. In short, playing Earthbound through to the end is a good experience.

Best game you never played (showerkonata in Missouri)
  June 17, 2014

I dont even know what to say, its so good. All i can say is its more than meets the eye (i.e. the final boss Giygas).

best game ever!!!! (CRX1138 in Iowa)
  November 1, 2012

best game ever but kind of disturbing at the end

Greatest Super Nintendo game ever made. (Vince in Ontario)
  August 13, 2012

Although the game is very expensive it is worth every penny. Great game for all ages.

best rpg on snes (david in Colombia)
  June 20, 2012

yes the price very high but its worth it. if you own it t solute you. the game has very good turn based fighting sorry secret of mana players no real time fighting. this game has humor drama and action blended into one fucking great game

So expensive, yet so fun. (Jon in New Brunswick)
  March 9, 2012

While this game's price is steep, this game is one of the most memorable on the Super Nintendo.

If only Nintendo would clear up any legal issues and just re-release it already...

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