Reviews for Donkey Kong Country 3

Reviews for Donkey Kong Country 3 for Super Nintendo

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Super fun game! (Andrew Salvagin in New York)
  February 2, 2019

Donkey Kong games are some of the best super nintendo games to play of all time. Game works great!

Wife and son beat it together (Dude in California)
  August 25, 2017

Good fun for the whole family.

DK 3 Is my all time favorite (Anonymous)
  May 23, 2016

Love the DKC series. The third being mh favorite.

Fun and Challenging (CRAIG HOWK in Florida)
  December 25, 2015

So many levels, challenges, it is always different. Great fun. Get really good guide for this at

fun game (Tommy in Mississippi)
  July 27, 2014

The third installment of donkey kong does not disappoint. The game play in my opinion is the smoothest among the dks. Overall very fun game. The bosses were also very creative and challenging. As side note from time I would have my games erased , an occurrence that confused me I would turn on the system and my game would be gone. What u did to combat this was to save a game in each slot. That way when the mystery delete happened it always would delete the last slot first. I am unsure if the game or the system was at fault so I will not mark the game down . Overall I would recommend that you buy this game and be sure to use slot one and save unused games in the others.

Great game had to add to my collection (Tommy in Alberta)
  May 3, 2013

Fun game

Rare strikes again! (Stephen in Texas)
  March 5, 2013

Donkey Kong Country 3 is a great sequel in the DKC series. The graphics really show you what the SNES was capable of. One of the last great games on the SNES and it should be in your collection.

Awesome game (Romulo in Brazil)
  September 12, 2012

Favorite game of my childhood.

This one is a lot harder than the other two (Maureen Theroux in Alabama)
  August 3, 2012

I loved all of the Donkey Kong Country games for SNES and was sad when mine were stolen along with my system in a burglary. I was so happy to find the system and the games together and reasonably priced. I am definately going to go back to JJGames for ALL of my game purchases in the future. Now, my whole family is looking forward to trying to beat me at the games, even my little granddaughter. The minute there was even a perceived problem, Jonathan (sale rep) took care of it like a rocket and replaced the part. I am really happy with my purchase and look forward to more purchases from JJGames. Thank you again, Jonathan!!! You rock! Sincerely a very happy customer,

Great game! (Harry Ubinas in Ohio)
  June 29, 2012

Very fun adventure game! Classic! Lots of levels with bonus stages any Donkey Kong Country fan would love this game

Good game. Great value (Sonny in Ontario)
  June 3, 2012

Donkey Kong Country 3 is the third and final installment of the franchise on the Super Nintendo. It was overlooked at the time of it's release due to the Super Nintendo being over shadowed by the releaee of the N64. DKC 3 plays similar to the previous 2 DKC games, only difference is the less linear way to select stage. DKC 3 may not be the favourite in the franchise, but it is still one of the better platforming games on the Super Nintendo and belongs in any collectors library.

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