Reviews for Blast Corps

Reviews for Blast Corps for Nintendo 64

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Everyone loves bulldozers (Jeremiah Davis in Colorado)
  August 23, 2018

A game where as the good guy your job is to wreck everything with a dozer and other assorted agents of destruction what's not to love.

Unique and Fun (Shaneo_Draino in Oregon)
  August 15, 2015

This overlooked gem is one of the most unique and fun games for the N64. A must have for anybody's game library.

Under rated (Chris in New Brunswick)
  February 12, 2015

One of the most under rated games on the system.

Simple (Chizmad in Michigan)
  September 17, 2014

not the best game on the n64 but it has its merits

controls are really simple and if your looking for something ur kids can enjoy, get this

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